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1. General
The library is a reference library. The items can be used in the rooms of the library.

2. User group
All members of the university are authorised to use the library. Anyone who uses the library automatically consents to the terms of use.

3. Opening times
The library opening times will be announced by written notice. The usual opening times are:
Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. until 5.30 p.m.
All users are kindly asked to leave the library by closing time.

4. Duty of care
Please handle the items with care and replace them immediately after use. Please note that users are liable for damage to items of the library collection which they use.

5. Wi-Fi and copier
The library offers free wireless access (Wi-Fi) and a number of laptops for study and research purposes.
A coin-operated copier is available for self-service. Please note that the user is liable for any damage caused. Making copies of books and magazines is allowed within the confines of copyright law. This applies also for the use of digital material.
The users are fully responsible for not violating any copyright laws and rules – and the library and the university bear no liability for what the users access or download online, and for what they produce photocopies or scans of in the library.

6. Conduct in the library
The users are asked to treat each other with consideration. Disturbing other users by the use of mobile phones, loud conversations, music, etc. is prohibited.
Please don’t eat and smoke in the library. Water in clear plastic bottles may be brought into the library.

7. Library Liability
The library is not responsible for the loss of users’ property and not for any damage resulting from damaged or manipulated library material (for example from computer viruses).

8. Checks
The library staff is, with reasonable cause, allowed to examine briefcases, bags or other cases in order to check their contents.

9. Suspension
Users who violate the rules and regulations of the library seriously or repeatedly can be barred temporarily from using the library.

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Hier finden Sie DFG-geförderte Lizenzen für elektronische Medien. Diese Datenbanken können nur am Campus der BAU International Berlin genutzt werden.

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